Coming January 2021.

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Living longer should be a goal not a fear. With BellBird's straightforward online enrollment and easy access to benefits, we make living longer exciting instead of overwhelming


You no longer have to pick between coverage or hoping for the best. With minimum contribution amounts starting at $25/ month you can pick the amount of long-term care protection that you feel good about.


Everyone’s journey looks different, but it doesn’t mean it should stop you from getting started. BellBird meets you where you are and recommends the right mix of insurance and prevention you need for a secure retirement. Then, we add the BellBird magic!

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Learn about how BellBird plans can prepare you for the best case scenario physically and financially.

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More than just Financial Protection.

Saving money for retirement isn't enough—that's why BellBird is prevention focused. You need a smart, personalized strategy that not only financially protects you if you need care, but layers in prevention to keep you from needing it all together. Through expert guidance and AI-powered interventions, BellBird helps connect you to the supports you need to prevent small issues from derailing your plans and keep you living your best life.

How it works

There’s a hole in your retirement plan. Let’s fix it.

Get started with 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete our simple, 2 minute enrollment.
  2. Add more information to personalize your plan.
  3. Save for the insurance and prevention you need to close the gap.
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Simple, Affordable, Personalized

BellBird removes the complexity, historical issues, and prohibitive cost from traditional long term insurance and delivers a low-cost, easy-to-use, personalized long-term care protection plan that simultaneously prevents AND protects against the costs of long term care.

Long-Term Care Insurance Bellbird Long-Term Protection
$200/mo premium (subject to increase) $25/mo minimum
No Refunds Refundable cash value
Covers the cost of long-term care, if you need it Covers long-term care prevention & insurance tailored for you
Not available with a pre-existing condition No enrollment exclusions
Complex, 6-week enrollment process Simple, online enrollment
Complex benefit structure and claim process Cash benefits + debit card
No strategy for financial or health security Personalized plan for independent living
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Straightforward Pricing

Protection Plans Starting at
Simple, online enrollment
Built-in insurance for long-term care
Flexible use of funds for independent living
No denials for pre-existing conditions
Refundable cash value